A Quick Guide to Turkish Get Up

The Turkish getup is one of those extremely beneficial workouts that should be a part of your sessions with your clients. As a kettlebell trainer, you want to offer the best to your clients and the Turkish getup is right on top as a total body workout that strengthens the body, makes it supple, improves mobility and increases inherent stamina.
The Turkish getup is a controlled workout and several steps are involved, each with its own position, movement and benefit. When you train for your Functional Fitness Courses – PT Supremacy Training Certifications, do remember to master this workout as it is quite complex and can lead to injuries if not done properly. Practice it well till you can do it effortlessly before offering it to your clients.

How to do the Turkish getup

Although the Turkish getup is a complex movement, the best kettlebell courses teach you that you can break it up into individual positions to make it more manageable for your clients.

Do not rush through the workout; it should take you at least 30 seconds to complete the entire workout effortlessly and safely. More on online kettlebells qualification here!

Lie on your back and hold the kettlebell straight up in one hand. Move the other arm at 45 degree angle to the floor. Keep the arm holding the kettlebell straight at 90 degrees to the floor, do not bend wrist and keep your eyes fixed on the kettlebell.

Now bend your leg which is on the same side kettlebell turkish getupas the arm holding the kettlebell so that the knee is at 45 degree angle to the floor. The other leg stays outstretched and all throughout, the arm holding the kettlebell stays straight with your eyes never off the ball.

Next, sit up using the thrust of your arm lying on the floor. Rise first to elbow level and then rest on your palm. Push the arm holding the kettlebell into your shoulder socket and keep the other arm, on which you are resting, away from the ear.

Now dig the heel into the floor of the leg that is bent and thrust your hips upward till you achieve a full hip extension. The perfect position should be that there should be a straight line from the arm resting on the ground to the one holding the kettlebell. Open your chest and squeeze your glute muscles tightly.

Once you have achieved the straight line position, sweep the outstretched leg straight up till you are in a half-kneeling position. Remember to keep eyes fixed on the kettlebell throughout all these movements.

Now lift your hand off the floor and straighten your body by folding sideways by the waist. Take your eyes off the kettlebell and look straight ahead. Do not arch your lower back and keep your glutes tight.

Stand up using the thrust of your front heel and steady yourself. Once you are stable and the kettlebell is settled comfortably into the arm holding it straight up, you should begin the reverse movement and return to the starting position, following each step correctly.

The reverse movement is also quite complex and you should learn it very well during your kettlebell courses.