Fitness Trainer Shares Tips For training With Bulgarian and Power Bags

Everyone knows about the host of benefits which exercising regularly with Bulgarian and Power bags brings but few people know about what restrictions to apply to their workout regime after a major surgery. If you had knee surgery in the past then there is no reason you should stop training with a power bag or Bulgarian bags, but you might have to avoid doing certain kinds of exercises.

The ground rule
When you have undergone knee surgery then it’s imperative to avoid pushing your knees out from a level which exceeds your knees and makes them push forward past the toes. Doing this will put your kneecap under tremendous stress. All kinds of Dangerously Fit Bulgarian bag exercises including aerobic ones and stretches have parts where the knee has to be stretched forward. According to the top fitness trainers it’s important to know what to avoid doing

Deep lunges
Lunges are an important part of strength training but if you had knee surgery recently these should be completely off the schedule for you. A power bag lunge is a position which makes you bend one knee and keep the feet flat on the ground while the other leg is firmly positioned behind your body. Lunges are used in power yoga too. By understanding the position you can also make out the reason why lungs put so much pressure on the knees. Personal trainers advise their clients who have undergone surgery to perform lunges.

Squats are another form of strength training exercise that virtually makes the whole body weight fall on the lower limbs. The muscles of the hips, quads, thighs and buttocks are hugely benefited by the squat. A squat is performed when the body is pushed downwards in a straight movement while the hands hold a weight. The tendons, ligaments and bones of the lower body are strengthened by this exercise but the squat can easily be called the “most avoidable” exercise for people who are recovering from knee surgery.


The classic hurdlers stretch
The classic hurdlers stretch will need you to sit on one bent leg while the other leg is extended straight in front of you. You must perform a bending movement and tilt your body backwards. This position requires stretching the medial ligaments puts immense pressure on the knee cap and can lead to dislocation of the meniscus. Personal fitness trainers have classified the Hurdlers Stretch as another avoidable exercise for people who have undergone new surgery.

Full circle knee extensions
The name Full circle/ arc knee extensions is suggestive of pressure on the knees and this exercise is also on the “avoid” list of most Balmoral personal fitness trainers who advise clients about recovering from knee surgery. You can out more at:

A personal fitness trainer says that the exercise sounds simple enough as you have to do is to sit comfortably on a chair while one leg is lifted and then again bent down. However this movement puts a lot of stress on the knee joint and is best avoided.