Kinds of Fitness Training That Help Improve Metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which calories derived from your daily diet are burned by your body to release energy for basic life processes. Improving metabolism is the ultimate aim of weight watchers and regular exercisers everywhere because a high metabolic rate accelerates muscle growth and ensures fat burning at a faster pace. However, how fast your metabolism is depends on several factors such as your gender, age, genetic conditioning and your levels of activity. Although you cannot change your genes, gender or age; you can certainly boost a sluggish metabolism by exercising regularly at a group training maroubra.

Boosting your Metabolism

Regular exercise is the best and most effective way of improving a sluggish metabolism. This is because when you exercise consistently under the watchful eyes of a trained instructor at a bootcamp training in maroubra, you gradually develop more lean muscle mass and shed all those fat layers accumulated over the years. And research shows that every pound of your muscle consumes about six calories per day for basic sustenance whereas a pound of fat consumes only about 2 calories for the same activity. Understandably, your instructor at the bootcamp training in maroubra will put emphasis on those exercises that will definitely help improve your metabolic rate.

Strength Training or Resistance Training or Weight Training

This is one of the best ways of developing lean muscle mass. Such training commonly uses different techniques and equipments to increase your body’s stamina and build muscles through resistance against gravity. In fact, this type of training is extremely effective in maintaining high metabolic rate hours after your exercise session has ended because your muscles stay highly energized and activated throughout the day.

Your group training maroubra instructor will show you how to progressively increase the force output of your muscles through gradual increase of resistance and difficulty levels. Common equipments used in this type of training include dumbbells, barbells, weighted bars or weighted stacks.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This is a super workout regimen that combines periods of high intensity exercise with bouts of rest intervals or low intensity workouts. And the best thing is that HIIT energizes your body to such an extent that you will continue to burn calories within even 36 hours after the end of your workout session.

Most group training maroubra offer highly effective HIIT modules for the participants wherein you can expect to combine different movements such as running, burpees, high jumps, squats, mountain climbing side planks and so on. Your instructor will design the modules interspersing these high intensity workouts with low intensity exercises such as jogging, high knees, using dumbbells or barbells, running at one place etc. for maximum benefit.

Aerobic Workouts

Aerobic or cardiovascular workouts may not contribute to muscle-building but are nonetheless super effective in boosting metabolism. This is because such types of workouts require you to breathe in copious amount of fresh oxygen during the workouts and this provides your body with an instant burst of energy that immediately spikes your metabolic rate. In fact, you will come across common aerobic workouts such as jogging, speed walking, sprinting etc at most bootcamp training in Maroubra.