Goal Setting Tips For The Best Fitness Results

bondi fitness programKnow your body and its limits and then try to act on a weight loss programme. Bondi personal trainers advise participants to follow a structured exercise programme with set milestones. Only if you are aware of the exact physiological condition of your body and your capacity for achieving fitness will you be able to reach your goals. For example if you have lived a sedentary life for ages then don’t expect to run six miles per day within two weeks of training. Often setting too difficult goals leads to non-achievement and then de-motivation.

Don’t stick to one type of exercise

Your Bondi fitness trainer will always recommend trying out a variety of exercises which workout all your muscles. If you stick to a single type of exercise your body will get used to it in time and then you will hit a weight loss plateau. The trick is to think of trying out new exercises to challenge your body and achieve your fitness goals. Make sure that your Bondi fitness program consists of cardiovascular exercises, muscular endurance workouts, balance and coordination exercises.

Taking too much stress

Personal trainers in Bondi says that stress is the top roadblock when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. You need to detoxify your mind first before you can do the same for your body. Use breathing exercises, power yoga and healing music to soothe your senses every day. If you follow the advice of personal trainer you are sure to achieve your goals.