Lose Weight Rapidly with the 12 Week Body Transformation Programme

Lose Weight Rapidly with the 12 Week Body Transformation Programme

Losing weight, getting into shape and maintaining it is definitely not rocket science. You just need to follow a fitness regimen that’s inspiring and fun, have a healthy and nutritious diet and connect with a group of like-minded people for emotional support and boost in self-confidence. The ground-breaking venus12weekbody.com programme has taken fitness to a whole new level. The amazing 12 Week Body programme has contributed to numerous success stories of people losing weight. All you need to do is focus on 12 weeks of intense fat-burning workouts along with a sensible diet plan and community support.

Effective Weight Loss Program

Lose weight eating one meal a day: This is the right program for everyone, whether you wish to lose weight drastically, shed around 10 to 50 pounds or you simply wish to tone up and get back to shape after a sinful and carefree vacation. The fitness program comes up with some mind-blowing fat-burning tips for igniting your metabolism and melting away all that undesirable fat.

This effective weight loss program has been designed around 3 key tactics. This unique body transformation program is developed in a manner so that it is compatible with your body shape, type and size to come up with an intensive weight loss system. This slimming system keeps in mind your current lifestyle, present levels of fitness and your workout history.

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Brilliantly Structured Fitness Program

This wonderful body transformation programme boasts of a complete body training program that has specially been crafted keeping in mind your present fitness level and the nutrition plan. The fitness regimen is known to include a number of complete body workouts combined with some high intensity cardio exercises for a great muscle toning and fat burning outcome. The fitness program comprises of:

– Boxfit known to be a high intensity workout inspired from boxing proves very effective in getting you back to shape by punching and kicking literally.
– Yoga undoubtedly is the best way for relaxing, healing your body and enhancing overall flexibility. Yoga is very effective in boosting core stability and abdominal strength.
– Cross Training is a magical combination of old school training techniques with the most advanced scientific goal-oriented strategies for getting back to shape super quickly.
– Warrior Workouts that concentrate only on strength training.

Effective Nutrition Program

You are given a specially formulated diet plan that has been designed and tailor-made especially for you. A superb personalized nutrition program based on your height, weight, age, body shape and of course, present fitness and activity levels. The nutrition program stands out from the rest. Here, the recommended diet keeps changing in tune with your progress week after week.

Community Support

When you enrol in the 12 Week Body Transformation Programme, you would get to interact with a group of like-minded people, who seem to have same fitness goals and aspirations. This community will help you stay dedicated and accountable. You would get to learn a lot from the experiences of others in the group. The community is your new-found support system that motivates you and challenges you to achieve your fitness goals.

Kinds of Fitness Training That Help Improve Metabolism

Kinds of Fitness Training That Help Improve Metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which calories derived from your daily diet are burned by your body to release energy for basic life processes. Improving metabolism is the ultimate aim of weight watchers and regular exercisers everywhere because a high metabolic rate accelerates muscle growth and ensures fat burning at a faster pace. However, how fast your metabolism is depends on several factors such as your gender, age, genetic conditioning and your levels of activity. Although you cannot change your genes, gender or age; you can certainly boost a sluggish metabolism by exercising regularly at a group training maroubra.

Boosting your Metabolism

Regular exercise is the best and most effective way of improving a sluggish metabolism. This is because when you exercise consistently under the watchful eyes of a trained instructor at a bootcamp training in maroubra, you gradually develop more lean muscle mass and shed all those fat layers accumulated over the years. And research shows that every pound of your muscle consumes about six calories per day for basic sustenance whereas a pound of fat consumes only about 2 calories for the same activity. Understandably, your instructor at the bootcamp training in maroubra will put emphasis on those exercises that will definitely help improve your metabolic rate.

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Strength Training or Resistance Training or Weight Training

This is one of the best ways of developing lean muscle mass. Such training commonly uses different techniques and equipments to increase your body’s stamina and build muscles through resistance against gravity. In fact, this type of training is extremely effective in maintaining high metabolic rate hours after your exercise session has ended because your muscles stay highly energized and activated throughout the day.

Your group training maroubra instructor will show you how to progressively increase the force output of your muscles through gradual increase of resistance and difficulty levels. Common equipments used in this type of training include dumbbells, barbells, weighted bars or weighted stacks.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This is a super workout regimen that combines periods of high intensity exercise with bouts of rest intervals or low intensity workouts. And the best thing is that HIIT energizes your body to such an extent that you will continue to burn calories within even 36 hours after the end of your workout session.

Most group training maroubra offer highly effective HIIT modules for the participants wherein you can expect to combine different movements such as running, burpees, high jumps, squats, mountain climbing side planks and so on. Your instructor will design the modules interspersing these high intensity workouts with low intensity exercises such as jogging, high knees, using dumbbells or barbells, running at one place etc. for maximum benefit.

Check out some free HIIT videos on http://maroubrafitness.com.au/personaltrainer/kensington/

Aerobic Workouts

Aerobic or cardiovascular workouts may not contribute to muscle-building but are nonetheless super effective in boosting metabolism. This is because such types of workouts require you to breathe in copious amount of fresh oxygen during the workouts and this provides your body with an instant burst of energy that immediately spikes your metabolic rate. In fact, you will come across common aerobic workouts such as jogging, speed walking, sprinting etc at most bootcamp training in Maroubra.

Personal Trainer Mosman Reveals 5 Fitness Tips

Personal Trainer Mosman Reveals 5 Fitness Tips

Excessive weight and poor fitness levels impact close to 70 percent of people in America. Apart from affecting physical appearance, excessive weight also increases the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Your doctor may ask you to lose those additional pounds immediately by consuming balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Many men and women understand benefits of weight loss and fitness. Even those with ideal weight realize that regular exercise can lower fat levels in their body and keep their muscles and joints strong. They, however, do not know where to begin or how to accomplish their fitness goals. A personal trainer can make a big difference.

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Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Fitness trainers in Mosman are qualified and experienced professionals who can guide you through the fitness program and help you succeed.

  • A trainer will assess your fitness levels and create an exercise regimen that produces optimal results. She also offers tips about health and nutrition in general. Her aim is to bring about a positive change in your lifestyle.
  • The trainer also creates a specific routine for you. It will include a combination of aerobic exercises, strength training, and relaxation exercises. The customized program produces real results. Your trainer will also teach proper technique that reduces the risk of injury during exercise.
  • You also receive consistent and non-judgemental support from your trainer. She will be with you every step of the way.
  • Hiring a personal trainer leads to accountability. You go to the gym consistently and benefit from regular exercise. Your trainer will motivate you and help you stay on path.

Tips from a Personal Trainer in Balmoral – Mosman

Balmoral fitness is an ongoing challenge that lasts through your life. The goals may, however, change depending on your age, fitness levels, and overall health. Here are some tips from Trainer Mosman:

  • Always consume a balanced diet rich in complex carbohydrates, lean meats, omega-3 fatty acids, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Healthy diet will help you get fit from inside and out.
  • Never give up. Every exercise regimen seems difficult and stressful in the beginning. However, your body will soon adapt to it.
  • Consider some important numbers. Look beyond your height, weight and calorie consumption. A trainer will also check your body fat percentage and basic heart rate before developing an exercise regimen.
  • Be consistent. Do not exercise for three hours on one day and skip the next four days. You will not achieve anything. It is important to develop a regimen that offers a consistent routine.
  • Age is in your mind. Old age doesn’t necessarily mean weak joints and muscles. You can continue to workout, although some of you may need a slight change in the routine. Your trainer can guide you through the process.

A good trainer will help you achieve all your fitness goals without injuries and complications. You will feel healthy and energetic. You will also lower your risk of chronic illnesses and feel good about everything around you.

Goal Setting Tips For The Best Fitness Results

Goal Setting Tips For The Best Fitness Results

bondi fitness programKnow your body and its limits and then try to act on a weight loss programme. Bondi personal trainers advise participants to follow a structured exercise programme with set milestones.  Only if you are aware of the exact physiological condition of your body and your capacity for achieving fitness will you be able to reach your goals. For example if you have lived a sedentary life for ages then don’t expect to run six miles per day within two weeks of training. Often setting too difficult goals leads to non-achievement and then de-motivation.

Don’t stick to one type of exercise 

Your Bondi fitness trainer will always recommend trying out a variety of exercises which workout all your muscles. If you stick to a single type of exercise your body will get used to it in time and then you will hit a weight loss plateau. The trick is to think of trying out new exercises to challenge your body and achieve your fitness goals. Make sure that your Bondi fitness program consists of cardiovascular exercises, muscular endurance workouts, balance and coordination exercises.

Taking too much stress

Personal trainers in Bondi says that stress is the top roadblock when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. You need to detoxify your mind first before you can do the same for your body. Use breathing exercises, power yoga and healing music to soothe your senses every day. If you follow the advice of personal trainer you are sure to achieve your goals.